Announcing the Glasswall Women in Tech Committee on International Women in Engineering Day 2022

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Company news

International Women in Engineering Day is a campaign designed to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus attention on the amazing career opportunities available across a huge variety of industry sectors. It also celebrates the outstanding achievements of women engineers throughout the world.

At Glasswall, we are proud to support this important event with the news that we have launched our Women in Tech Committee. Made up of women from across the organization, it meets every month to discuss how women can excel in their roles, ensure their voices are heard and make a leading contribution toward company goals.

Doviana Tollaku, Operations Manager at Glasswall, will lead the work of the committee as it, also focuses on a range of other priorities, including the development and rollout of initiatives to improve and maximize organizational health and to increase the intake of women into new roles across the business.

Prior to working at Glasswall, Doviana spent over four years as Head of QA Department and Project Manager at the Ritech Group of companies. Earlier in her career, she has held a variety of senior engineering roles, including QA Engineer/Scrum Master at Cadmus Data Science, Senior Software Engineer and Quality Assurance Engineer at ikubINFO, together with a number of senior software development positions.

Commenting on the launch of the Glasswall Women in Tech committee and International Women in Engineering Day, she said:

“Engineering is a very rewarding sector that offers many avenues to grow, learn and progress, whilst also offering flexibility and variety. This should be appealing to women as much as men, but it remains a very male-dominated field. Part of this reason is likely the discriminatory nature of hiring within the sector — a lot of job postings are clearly written to attract men, which can, of course, be off-putting to women when applying for engineering jobs. 

“This needs to change to reduce the gender gap in the industry and there are many more things that businesses should be doing to encourage women into the sector. Create an inclusive culture and shout about it – many women are reluctant to change jobs when they’re in their comfort zone, especially within a male-dominated industry, so the reassurance that they will be supported and empowered at work will encourage them to take on new challenges. At Glasswall, we have established the Women in Tech committee to bring those at the company together and raise the profiles of women more widely. As everyone has different ideas and inspirations, providing opportunities for women to collaborate will help solve problems, drive innovation and make a positive overall impact. 

“Ultimately, my advice to women looking to enter the engineering industry is to believe in yourself. Don’t let obstacles get in your way — the second you let doubt creep in, you will want to give up. Be passionate, seek the opportunities and go for it — it will be worth it and drive you to great success.”

We’ll be making further announcements about more key Glasswall workplace committees in the weeks ahead – we look forward to sharing the details.


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