Award-winning Software Engineer, Kelly Davis, Joins the Glasswall DevOps Team

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Company news

Newly arrived as part of the Glasswall team in the US, Kelly Davis has joined us as our Senior DevOps Engineer, bringing valuable skills and experience to our growing and talented development organization.

Based in Maryland, Kelly has developed a strong track record of IT and cybersecurity success in both public and private sector organizations. Prior to joining Glasswall, he spent nearly three years as Lead Information Technology Specialist at CECOM, U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command.

His work at CECOM was recently recognized at the BEYA (Black Engineer of the Year) STEM Conference 2023, where he won the Black Engineer of the Year award for Outstanding Contribution in Government.

Commenting on the news of his award, he said: “My time spent as the Lead Technology Specialist in the U.S. Army CECOM CECOM SEC was truly special. Having the opportunity to support our Nation in the cyber and software realm was both challenging and rewarding.”

Having taken the next step in his career with his recent move to Glasswall, Kelly assumes a wide range of technical and customer-facing responsibilities covering engineering, operations, and customer success. Among the technical aspects of his role, he focuses on development, integration, and operations management as part of the team that builds and releases our Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) solutions.

In addition, he acts as an interface between Glasswall’s DevOps team, customers, and our sales and customer success team, focused on helping the business become a key partner for our US clients.

“Kelly is an outstanding cybersecurity professional, and we’re delighted that he has joined our growing US team,” commented [GW spokesperson]. “He’s part of a talented and professional group that is extending our market-leading CDR capabilities to ensure organizations across public and private sectors alike can protect themselves against the major cybersecurity risks caused by file-based threats.”


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