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Cybersecurity trends

Cybersecurity trends

Cybersecurity trends are regularly in the news, helping organizations understand the evolving nature and scale of the risks they face. But with so much data and research available, it can be difficult to get an overall perspective on the most important trends or the...

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Wellness Tech: Screen Time Limit Apps

Wellness Tech: Screen Time Limit Apps

In the 2nd of our Wellness Tech blog post series featuring the technologies that can make our lives better, we feature Screen Time Limit Apps. Sole focus on screen time — as in quantity of screen time exposure — is now outdated. As suggested by a recent report titled...

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Wellness Tech: Mind Health Apps

Wellness Tech: Mind Health Apps

Wellness Tech is a new blog post series featuring the technologies that can make our lives better. There are thousands of downloadable smartphone applications tackling the health of our minds, but which ones really warrant your time? Here we present four apps that...

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What are File-Based Threats?

What are File-Based Threats?

The nature of modern digital communication means that organizations create and share files in their billions on a daily basis. As such, they have become one of the ‘go to’ attack vectors used by cybercriminals and nation-state adversaries to gain access to networks,...

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We believe people should be free to open their files without fear. Glasswall CDR takes a proactive approach to automatically remove all Zero-day threats from files, without sacrificing productivity.

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Reactive cybersecurity is failing - it’s time for a better way. Traditional detection-based security methods play catch up with new threats. Find out how your organization can take a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

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