Cybersecurity trends

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Thought leadership

Cybersecurity trends are regularly in the news, helping organizations understand the evolving nature and scale of the risks they face. But with so much data and research available, it can be difficult to get an overall perspective on the most important trends or the issues that require urgent attention.

To help, we’ve brought together some of the most interesting and illustrative facts and figures, covering everything from data breaches and ransomware to phishing and the cost of cybercrime.

Data breaches

data breaches

Did you know…  Glasswall enables organizations to eliminate the risk of data breaches caused by file-based malware. Our CDR technology instantly cleans and rebuilds files to match its ‘known good’ industry spec – automatically removing potential threats. Read our case study here >>
Try out Glasswall CDR for free, simply drag and drop files from the outside world onto the Glasswall Clean Room and instantly remove potential threats >>



Take a proactive approach to ransomware protection with Glasswall CDR.  We identify and remove ransomware threats from all files in seconds – minimizing downtime and disruption often caused by traditional anti-virus or sandboxing solutions.
Download Glasswall Desktop App and automatically remove potential threats from files (including threats AV software hasn’t detected yet). >> 



Don’t rely on employees as the first line of defense.  Glasswall CDR takes the pressure off employees needing to act as that first line of defense against phishing attacks. We remove threats from the equation before the decision to make an unwise cybersecurity choice is presented to the user. Read our case study here >>
With Glasswall Email Security, every attachment is disarmed of potential threats and delivered instantly. Read more about our Email Security solution here >>

Data breach costs

data breach

Be aware of cybersecurity blindspots.  New cybersecurity vulnerabilities can remain undetected by antivirus and sandboxing technologies for up to 18 days before they are updated to mitigate the risk. Glasswall allows organizations to close cybersecurity blind spots that can leave them open to the huge cost of repair.
Read more about cybersecurity blindspots here >>

Cybercrime costs


Cyber has joined land, sea, air and space to become the fifth conflict theatre organizations need to prepare for.  Glasswall CDR is file protection that doesn’t wait for detection. It helps organizations build a proactive security strategy without sacrificing productivity and mitigates zero day threats. Read more about our solutions here >>




What are file-based threats?

What is zero-trust file protection?

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Learn about the simple way to protect against sophisticated file-based threats.

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