Organizational Health and Women in Tech – Shaping Glasswall’s Culture

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Thought leadership, Company news

As technology advances and organizational complexity increases, investing in the work environment and staff engagement are among the most important drivers for business success. From recruitment and retention to innovation and growth, good all-around organizational health should be part of the fabric of any ambitious and authentic team.

This is why these are huge priorities for Glasswall, and we’re working hard to maximize employee wellbeing, while also fostering a strong sense of workplace community.

Consequently, this year, we created our Organisational Health Committee, whose main aims are to develop a high level of trust and openness within our teams and, in doing so, maximize employee engagement and wellbeing. Some of our recent initiatives, for example, have included ‘Glasswall 4 Good’, which encourages employees to tackle social and environmental problems with the aim of improving communities and lives. Additionally, we have implemented employee recognition awards, including ‘Employee of the Quarter’. 

We also conduct regular team surveys to measure ourselves against five themes that we correlate to good Organizational Health. Along with other metrics, we track staff turnover, diversity, promotions, tenure, and many more. Our themes are:

  1. Minimal Politics – This theme marries how we feel relative to others and our sense of fairness at work.
  2. Minimal Confusion – This theme refers to our confidence that we know what the work-related future holds.  
  3. High morale – This theme is telling of our satisfaction levels and the overall mood we feel at work.
  4. High productivity – This theme marries the ability to do our job and the desire and motivation to do so.
  5. High growth – High growth relates to our perceived growth and freedom to make our choices at work.

Women in Technology

Alongside our OH committee, as a cybersecurity company, we are acutely aware of the lack of gender diversity within our industry. We are on a mission to increase the representation of women within our organization and close the gender gap. This is what led us to form Glasswall’s Women in Tech (WIT) Group in 2022, chaired by Doviana Tollaku, Glasswall’s Operations Manager.

The WIT Group includes women from all departments and meets monthly. Members discuss opportunities and challenges, debate issues of the day relevant to women in the workplace, and provide opportunities for mutual support with the aim of focusing on career development through initiatives such as technical training, personal and professional development and mentoring opportunities.

We have already seen increased collaboration between departments, sharing of professional networks, together with opportunities to change and influence language to reflect a more inclusive environment in job descriptions and company advertising. A key initiative implemented recently is our WIT Internship Programme which provides on-the-job training and mentoring to female candidates looking to advance their careers in an industry where opportunities for women still lag behind their male counterparts. 

“This is a tremendously exciting period for Glasswall’s growth, exemplified by initiatives that are informed and led by our employees – not dictated from the executive team,” commented Anne Tiedemann, Glasswall’s SVP People & Investor Relations. “It’s a privilege to be part of the creativity, innovation and change that our people are driving themselves and enabling for others, both inside and outside the company. I look forward to future initiatives and what’s next!”


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