Recruitment News – Glasswall Is Looking For An Outstanding VP Engineering

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Job opportunities/Momentum

Just six months ago, we announced Glasswall had raised £18 million in equity capital to finance continued expansion, a process which has since gathered huge momentum with growth fuelled by organizations around the world looking for proactive, instant protection against file-based cybersecurity threats. Both our customer base and team has grown to new levels, and we have made significant investment in our CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) platform to deliver protection that doesn’t wait for detection.

And today, not only are we now telling the Glasswall story in a new way – you’re currently experiencing our new website – we’re also on the lookout for the best talent with another phase of recruitment.

We are excited to share details of an exciting opportunity here at Glasswall, for a VP Engineering.  The VP Engineering is a senior executive who leads the development, deployment and operations of the multiple mission critical Glasswall products and services, driving engineering excellence across all areas of our DevSecOps life-cycle and will have responsibility for our SRE teams.

This role requires strategic thinking, effective communication, deep expertise in cloud native technologies like Kubernetes and containers, and the ability to effectively manage change at the speed required to execute the company vision.

This is a highly critical role and the successful candidate will manage the entire engineering and security department, overseeing resources, staffing, and the enhancement and maintenance of a first-class team.

They will also be in charge of the management and execution of existing customer-facing commitments, ensuring that products are properly designed and implemented in accordance with the goals of the organisation, overseeing the consistency of user experiences, making sure the production systems have high levels of SLAs/SLOs and managing directly the senior engineering and SRE execs. This role also oversees the quality and security of products and creates systems that ensure they meet high standards.

They will also promote organisational health, ensuring that teams are cohesive and receive clarity of mission as part of our positive company culture. The VP Engineering reports directly to the CTO, collaborating closely with other senior executives in Product, Sales and Marketing.

For full details and to apply, click here.


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