Six Reasons Why You Haven’t Invested in Glasswall CDR… Yet!

by | Jul 13, 2022 | Company news, Product Announcements

Do you understand the need for comprehensive digital security to keep your organization and its clients safe? Haven’t yet invested in file-based protection from Glasswall CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction)? Here are six reasons why you think you shouldn’t, but probably should… 



1. We already have AV/Sandboxing/Firewall protection to keep us safe 


Anti-virus, sandboxing and firewall products have been the traditional go-to solutions to provide peace of mind against digital threats. While these are effective against many risks and vulnerabilities, they are not perfect. They rely on reactive detection-based technology, looking for a signature to identify malware or ransomware.

The financial and reputational impact of suffering a breach of your cyber security defences can be catastrophic. Some organizations never recover. So why settle for protection that is good, but not perfect?

Glasswall CDR is different. It takes a Zero-Trust approach to protect your organization against threats found within file ‘DNA’. All files processed by the Glasswall CDR Engine are instantly rebuilt to their known-good manufacturer’s specifications – leaving no possible place for malware, ransomware and other file-based threats to hide. This removes any reliance on reactive, anti-virus databases, providing a proactive defence that enables you to prevent attacks while giving users the freedom to safely access files. 


2. CDR is just a fad 


CDR is relatively new in the cyber security marketplace, and it is easy to misconstrue its ‘under-the-radar’ persona as a reflection of its lack of impact. However, we’re here to put the record straight, and to outline why CDR is the best-in-class file security solution – and no, it isn’t just us who are saying this: 

  • Some of the world’s largest government agencies trust Glasswall CDR to deliver their file-based security.
  • The NSA (National Security Agency) have developed Inspection and Sanitisation Guidance (ISGs) that sets out the expected standards they require CDR solutions to meet. Not only does this indicate that the NSA highly values CDR as a solution, but it also shows CDR is here to stay.
  • Gartner details CDR as the future of cyber-security – placing it as the number one solution for file-based security. They predict mainstream adoption of CDR technologies to happen by 2026.  


3. I don’t have the budget 


At Glasswall we think it is important for everyone to be safe from file-based threats. So, to complement our extensive paid for offerings, we have developed freemium versions of our Desktop and Clean Room solutions. Users simply need to head to the Glasswall website and either download the Desktop app or use the free drag and drop file sanitisation window for Clean Room. 

We urge anyone who requires file-based security (and that is everyone) to consider the cost of a cyber-attack on their organisation. It will be considerably more costly than investing in our CDR solution that mitigates against any file-based risks.  


4. An extra filter might cause loss of data or files 


Before files are delivered to the end user, our patented 4-step CDR process conducts semantic checks. This ensures that both the data in the visual layer of a file (e.g. text in a word document) and its visual integrity are maintained – ensuring the end user can utilise the information within a file as it was originally intended. 

Checks navigate through the document’s structures, cross referencing the manufacturer’s published known-good specification to validate how the documents structures relate to each other. Any references that were broken due to any remediation or sanitization are repaired during this process. 

If a file, for any reason, cannot be processed by the Glasswall CDR engine an error report is produced. The original file is still accessible for the user to utilise as they wish. No data is lost, and the original file is maintained. 


5. I don’t know what CDR is for…


Files are essential to business. Your organization is vulnerable to file-based threats anywhere they are shared, stored, created, or used. We have an extensive resource library that details use cases, industry insights, case studies and more. Our range of solutions have been designed to match a wide variety of business needs. Whether you need protection against files in email communications, a free solution to secure files on the go, or a solution to clean and deliver large volumes of files – Glasswall has you covered.  

To find more reasons to invest in Glasswall CDR, book a demo with our team.  


6. Implementation of another security filter is too disruptive


Some security solutions are complex and take significant investment of time and energy to implement successfully. Glasswall CDR is different, with solutions such as Desktop and Clean Room, organizations can easily implement Glasswall CDR file protection within minutes. 

Glasswall CDR also plugs directly into other popular cyber security solutions. We have plug-ins available for Palo Alto Networks Firewalls and Menlo, adding extra file-based security capabilities to their out-of-the-box offerings in a fast and easy-to-deploy package.

Our cloud-based architecture, alongside the utilization of Kubernetes, means deployment of our CDR platform is agile and infinitely scalable. Our CDR platform does not require an investment in any physical infrastructure and our team of experienced technical experts are available to guide you through the entire implementation process. This minimizes the impact of deploying Glasswall CDR on your organization’s productivity. 


There really is no reason for Glasswall not to be your go-to file-based security solution. To discuss Glasswall CDR further or to book a demo, click here. 



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