Palo Alto Networks Firewall Plug-in

The Glasswall – Palo Alto Networks plug-in provides an additional layer of protection to the regular Palo Alto Networks Firewall. Next generation firewalls are effective in protecting against most attack vectors, but there is a protection gap.

File-based threats such as malware and ransomware can go undetected when the security filter is not aware of the structure of the document. Glasswall’s Content Disarm and Reconstruction engine supports a wide range of business files, and can shine a light on the threats hidden in files.

Supercharge your Palo Alto Networks Firewall

Close your file-based protection gap with our industry-leading CDR

Safely browse the internet with complete file security

Take a Zero-Trust approach to all file uploads and downloads 

Key features

  • All Glasswall supported files are automatically protected by the Glasswall CDR engine in real time as the user downloads files from the Internet, or as they upload them to a cloud service
  • Palo Alto’s firewall adds industry-leading traffic decryption and firewall protection to Glasswall’s ISG* compliant CDR process, offering a comprehensive security solution to eradicate file-based threats
  • Secure deployment using the standard Decryption Broker module which connects to an internal proxy and communicates via ICAP to the Glasswall CDR Platform
  • Centralised reporting on the risks being identified in business documents and files
  • On Premise, Data Centre, Private Cloud and Public Data Centre deployments supported

Use cases

Protecting against compromised websites


File-based threat defence

Zero-Trust architecture


Detection and removal of malware and ransomware

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Prevent file metadata persisting in uploaded file

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How it works

The Palo Alto Networks Firewall decrypts information as a user browsers the internet. It then connects with a security chain and uses ICAP to interact with the Glasswall CDR Platform. Any files that don’t match the known-good manufacturer’s specification are restored by the Glasswall Platform using our patented ISG*-compliant 4-step CDR process. Potentially malicious active content is removed, and a brand-new file is created, with a visually identical copy of the original file being returned to the Palo Alto Newtorks Firewall. The protected file is then returned to the firewall, via the same security chain. Thus delivering safe and secure files to the end user in seconds.

*ISG – Inspection and Sanitization Guidance standards by the National Security Agency (NSA)

Palo Alto Networks Firewall Plug-in

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Palo Alto Networks Firewall Plug-in


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What is Zero Trust Security?

What is Glasswall CDR?

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Why CDR?

We believe people should be free to open their files without fear. Glasswall CDR takes a proactive approach to automatically remove all Zero-day threats from files, without sacrificing productivity.

Use Cases

Secure Email

File Uploads and Downloads

Malware Risk Removal

Metadata Removal

Cybersecurity Crisis Response

Cybersecurity Crisis Prevention

Cloud Native Integrations

Data Migrations

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Reactive cybersecurity is failing - it’s time for a better way. Traditional detection-based security methods play catch up with new threats. Find out how your organization can take a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

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