Our commitment to building strong strategic alliances and integrations fuels our capability to provide industry leading zero-trust file-protection anywhere the need may be.

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Glasswall CDR is a part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's (OCI) approach to implementing zero-trust protection principle. This solution can help OCI securely transfer unstructured documents between physically separated networks of varying security and classification levels.
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Microsoft partners with Glasswall to deliver Cross Domain Solutions for Government customers that need to process large amounts of data with a focus on zero-trust and high throughput.
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CGI is a Canadian multinational information technology consulting and systems integrator that has a 45-year heritage of helping clients reinvent and secure their businesses for the future. This includes the delivery of innovative and advanced cybersecurity services. Their expert team has worked with Glasswall CDR across a number of different government, defense and intelligence sectors, who require protection against zero-day and complex file-based threats. 


As a Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) leader for more than 20 years, Everfox’s partnership with Glasswall works to ensure that their solutions are protected by our zero-trust CDR technology and comply with NSA's Raise the Bar standards when delivering CDS into US Government networks. Glasswall CDR is used as a filter within Everfox solutions to ensure that files can be transformed from complex data types prior to transfer (and then back again once complete). This ensures that zero-day and complex file-based threats are removed before a file crosses over into their customer networks. 
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Booz Allen Hamilton 

Booz Allen created the concept of management consulting more than a century ago. Since then, they've woven that heritage into a range of highly skilled technological capabilities that have had an enduring impact on their clients. Booz Allen Hamilton have partnered with Glasswall to resell our zero-trust CDR technology to those clients who require protection against zero-day and complex file-based threats. 
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For more than 100 years, Boeing and its customers have created the future of aerospace and defense – from the earliest days of aviation to the highly sophisticated and integrated systems of today. This trusted partnership continues as defense customers once again look to Boeing to help them solve their toughest challenges. Glasswall has partnered with Boeing to put our zero-trust file protection technology in the hands of organizatuions around the world. 
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BAE Systems 

BAE Systems’ cybersecurity product family is focused on the protection and defense of information, and is a resource for critical national infrastructure systems. The company’s products work with third party deep content inspection and sanitization tools such as our Glasswall zero-trust CDR technology to further bolster security for some of the world’s most sensitive control systems and vital national assets. 
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The Hunna USB Sanitizer is a portable, air-gapped solution that is integrated with Glasswall CDR technology to ensure files and data imported or exported via USB are clean and safe. Built to the highest standards of security in the field, the Hunna USB Sanitizer delivers military-grade safety for complete peace of mind. 
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Becrypt, a High-Assurance Cross Domain Solution (CDS) vendor, partners with Glasswall to harness our industry-leading CDR file sanitization and transformation capabilities for government clients. This enables them to facilitate the transfer of files across trust boundaries in compliance with the NCSC’s Pattern: Safely Importing Data. 
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Nexor is a leading secure information exchange specialist offering high-assurance threat and risk mitigation expertise and solutions for complex and sensitive networks. They integrate Glasswall’s advanced, zero-trust CDR technology into their cybersecurity diodes and gateways, enabling customers to address key file vulnerabilities, such as active content risks, structural anomalies and malformations.
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A partnership you can trust

When you partner with Glasswall, you get a lot more than just the best CDR technology out there. You get easy integrations, willing collaboration and a team committed to making your solution as effective as can be. Because at the end of the day, our partners’ success is everything to us. And that’s why our partner program is built for you.

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