Suzy Toth
May 13, 2024

Glasswall and Nexor announce strategic partnership to enhance cybersecurity across government and high-risk sectors

As government, defense and intelligence agencies increasingly migrate to a cloud-first approach, they face a new information security challenge of protecting information flows.

To address this growing priority, Glasswall and Nexor have announced a technology partnership today that will see Nexor integrate Glasswall’s advanced, zero-trust Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology into the cybersecurity solutions it delivers to its public sector clients.

Nexor is a leading secure information exchange specialist offering high-assurance threat and risk mitigation expertise and solutions for complex and sensitive networks. Their Software Defined Gateway, Nexor Protean, is built using Nexor’s Secure Information Exchange Architecture (SIXA®) and follows the NCSC’s Cross Domain Principles. It is a platform-agnostic, highly scalable and flexible gateway solution that can be used for secure file transfer, data ingestion, agile build pipelines and other workflows.

The integration of Glasswall CDR technology will enable customers to address key file-based cybersecurity vulnerabilities, such as active content risks, structural anomalies and malformations, which can all be malicious.

The partnership will also allow both companies to broaden their reach within government and high-risk sectors across the UK, Europe and NATO. By delivering customisable security solutions that meet stringent standards, customers can also meet their compliance requirements across their use of dynamic cloud, including the import of data. This secure-by-design compliance is crucial for government and high-risk customers, who require certified and resilient methods to protect against a wide variety of cyber threats, including those presented by file-based malware.

“Nexor has an outstanding track record in delivering effective defenses against a range of rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats,” commented Danny Lopez, Glasswall CEO. “We are delighted to be working with them to ensure that files being used in cloud and on-premise cross-domain environments are safe."

“We are excited to partner with Glasswall, to enhance our portfolio of solutions for our customers”“ said Tim Thompson, Nexor MD. “The integration of Glasswall’s CDR capability with Nexor Protean and Nexor GuarDiode will help our customers reduce their Cybersecurity risks and address existing vulnerabilities.”

To find out more, get in touch with the teams at Nexor or Glasswall.

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