Glasswall Embedded Engine

Industry-leading CDR file protection that aids in the safe transfer of data across networks

Existing security solutions leave critical data at risk

It is common practice for security teams to deploy detection-based cybersecurity solutions, such as antivirus software and sandboxes, to protect their organization against file-based threats. However, this reliance on detection means no matter how complex a security solution may be, it can still only protect against what it has seen before.
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Embedded Engine:
Industry-leading zero-trust
file protection

Zero-trust file protection delivered by the Glasswall Embedded Engine is different. Instead of looking for malicious content, our advanced CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) process treats all files as untrusted, validating, rebuilding and cleaning each one against their manufacturers ‘known-good’ specification.

The Glasswall Embedded Engine allows organizations to embed the power of Glasswall CDR, via a software development kit (SDK) which includes an API, with new and existing application deployments. Once integrated, any files the engine encounters are processed in accordance with user-configurable security preferences that allow security teams to shape their security policy to match their organization's risk appetite.
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Integrate zero-trust CDR into a range of document workflows:

Cross Domain Solutions (CDS), data diodes and secure data transfers
File upload portals and app
Data migrations across trust
Illustration of Glasswall Embedded Engine

Integrate zero-trust file protection across all critical applications

  • Integrate industry-leading CDR file protection within existing business applications and protection workflows
  • Protect and maintain key business document usability with a zero-trust CDR solution that doesn’t flatten files
  • Utilize content management options to help shape your security policy for potentially risky items such as JavaScript, Macros, Acroforms, embedded files or external hyperlinks
  • Harness native support for Windows and Linux operating systems, with containerized options available to enable wider OS support – including macOS

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Best-in-class file-based protection from Glasswall

Glasswall is the market leader for Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR). We supply our zero-trust file protection solutions to nations across the world, including members of NATO, the Five Eyes Alliance and AUKUS. Our CDR technology is infinitely scalable and helps organizations to comply with initiatives such as the NCSC's Pattern for Safely Importing Data, the NSA's Raise the Bar and the NIST Risk Management Framework by the US Department of Commerce.
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How we do it better:

  • Complete file analysis – giving you transparency into file non-conformance with industry specifications
  • Complete file protection – threats removed and files returned to known-good specifications
  • Content management options to shape an organization’s security policy based on risk appetite
  • True file type detection going beyond just the file extension or magic number
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