We prevent malicious files from entering your network

Glasswall Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) rebuilds files and documents into a safe, clean standard, free from the risks of malware.

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We are pleased to confirm that our systems are currently unaffected by the global IT outage impacting various industries, relating to Crowdstrike software updates. We are closely monitoring the situation and will promptly update our customers if any issues arise.

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Glasswall CDR is a part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's (OCI) approach to implementing a zero-trust protection principle.


What you can do with Glasswall CDR

Clean files to remove threats

Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) is an advanced, zero-trust cybersecurity technology designed to neutralize threats, such malware and ransomware, within files.
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Gain insights through file analysis reports

View detailed reports for inspected files, including original risk level, what kinds of risky content they contained and what Glasswall did to make them safe.

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Manage high-risk content with security policies

Gain complete control over which content types are processed and set security policies that match your organization’s risk appetite.

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Further capabilities of Glasswall

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Our CDR integrates anywhere files are moved or stored

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  • Cross Domain Solutions (CDS)
  • Hardsec
  • File upload portals
  • Cloud migration
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