Use cases

Glasswall CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) technology can be injected wherever a file is in motion, or at rest. Our range of solutions have been developed to enable government departments and corporate organizations to protect key operations with patented and industry-leading zero-trust file protection. Use cases include:

Cross Domain Solutions (CDS)

Supercharge new and existing cross domain solutions with CDR technology that removes the reliance on detection and data wrapping – replacing it with a zero-trust approach that treats all files as malicious – validating, rebuilding and cleaning each one to a known good standard.

Glasswall CDR enables government departments and commercial organizations to comply with industry best practice initiatives, such as the NCSC’s Pattern for Safely Importing Data, the NSA’s Raise the Bar Initiative and the NIST Risk Management framework by the US Department of Commerce.
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File upload portals

Ingesting files from external parties and networks is a critical requirement for many organizations and government departments. However, there are weaknesses in current practices that can be exploited by the uploading of malicious content.

The Glasswall Embedded Engine’s zero-trust sanitization capabilities can be established at various integration points within an organization’s security architecture. This provides security teams with the capability to instantly and automatically remove known and zero-day (unknown) file-based threats – delivering secure, visually identical, and full functioning files to the end user.
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Cloud migration

All organizations rely on the transfer of files across trust boundaries, both within their infrastructure, or to/from public networks, and it is critical to ensure that malicious content or risky files are not transferred during cloud migrations. Glasswall provides organizations and departments with REST endpoints that harness the power of the Kubernetes-based CDR Platform. Clients can process large storage containers at massive scale and at lightning speed – ensuring only safe, clean and fully-functioning files transfer across networks.
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Isolated networks

Glasswall CDR provides zero-trust file protection that maintains air-gapped network isolation. Detection based solutions require an open channel to ingest updates, compromising the isolation of secure networks. Glasswall's zero-trust philosophy doesn’t rely on updates to protect against both zero-day and known file-based threats – ensuring maximum isolation for secure networks.
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Industry critical compliance

Our CDR technology enables compliance with industry guidelines such as the NCSC’s Pattern for Safely Importing Data, the NSA’s Raise the Bar Initiative and the NIST Risk Management framework by the US Department of Commerce.

In addition, our CDR technology boasts patented and industry-leading features, such as word search and redact, metadata removal and image analyzer. These have been developed to help organizations comply with other legislation, such as GDPR and the California Privacy Rights Act.
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