File upload portals

Securely ingest files from external sources and networks

Ingesting files from external sources and networks is a vital but risky practice for many government departments and organizations. Our CDR technology can be established at various integration points within security architecture to instantly remove known and zero-day (unknown) threats.

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Rebuilding files

Clean files to remove threats

Our advanced zero-trust Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) solutions rebuild files and documents into a safe, clean and visually identical ‘known good’ standard that are free from the risks of malware.

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Manage risky content with security policies

Gain complete control over which content types are processed and set security policies that match your organization’s risk appetite.

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Gain insights through analysis reports

View detailed reports for inspected files, including original risk level, what high risk content they contained and what Glasswall did to make them safe.

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Simple, fast and effective integration

Users can establish our CDR technology at various integration points to provide industry-leading zero-trust file protection. These include:



File or
object storage

Case study
How Glasswall protects a leading European bank from file-based threats

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  • Automatically remove zero-day malware from files
  • Secure ‘Know Your Customer’ KYC file uploads
  • Enable compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations

Introducing the Glasswall Partner Network

Working with our extensive partner network, we provide zero-trust file protection to the world's most secure agencies.

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