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Zero-trust file protection when delivering cloud services

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Existing security solutions leave cloud data at risk

It is common for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to deploy Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) to enable to the exchange of information between networks with a high degree of control.However, most legacy CDS rely on detection-based solutions, such as antivirus and sandbox technologies, and are unable to adequately protect CSPs and their clients against new (zero-day) threats. In addition, compliance with industry initiatives is difficult, as they are unable to verify complex data types or remove active code within documents.

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The Solution:
Zero-trust file protection
with Glasswall CDR

Glasswall CDR’s zero-trust file protection is different – instead of looking for malicious content, our advanced CDR process treats all files as untrusted, validating, cleaning and rebuilding each one against their manufacturer's known good specification.With Glasswall CDR, CSP-s can transfer critical data across secure networks to enable compliance with frameworks such as the UK’s NCSC pattern for Safely Importing Data & the NSA's Raise The Bar strategy for cross domain solutions.

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CDR is an important layer in any organization’s defense and content protection strategies… We expect CDR will ultimately be considered a best practice.”

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Use cases


Secure CDS deployments

Our zero-trust philosophy removes security teams’ reliance on detection – replacing it with a zero-trust file protection solution that raises the bar on CDS protection.Glasswall CDR adds the following functionality to your CDS:

  • Secure document, image, and media file transferManaged binary and CI/CD pipeline transfer
  • Transform complex data types to SISL/XML for syntactic verification
  • Image conversion to alternative formats such as bitmap
  • Data loss prevention via methods such as word search and redaction
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Achieving critical compliance

Glasswall CDR boasts patented capabilities such as Word Search, Redact and Metadata removal that aid CSPs across the globe in complying with the various data protection legislation and other industry guidelines. These include, but are not limited to:

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Data Protection


California Consumer Privacy Act

Industry Guidelines

NCSCs Pattern for Safely Importing Data

NSA's Raise the Bar

NSA's Inspection and Sanitization Guidance

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