Glasswall Constellations

Automatically process and transfer large quantities of data across trust boundaries

Your existing security deployments are compromising cross domain file transfers

The migration of large quantities of files between storage containers, and across networks is a necessity for many organizations. However, much of this data remains untrusted and ensuring the safety of files at the petabyte scale presents a challenge for security teams.

Detection-based solutions, such as antivirus and sandboxes, can still only protect against what they have seen before. They also take time to process files and the risk of generating false positives and negatives hampers efficiency when transferring large amounts of data across networks.
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Constellations: a zero-trust file import solution

Constellations integrates with the Glasswall CDR Platform to automate the processing and transfer of data across trust boundaries.

It is a zero-trust file protection solution that acts as a key component in helping organization's to achieve compliant with the NSA's Raise the Bar standards and other industry guidance – utilizing our industry leading CDR Platform to solve the traditional challenges faced by security teams when processing substantial amounts of untrusted data.

Glasswall Constellations facilitates controlled and secure information transfer, making it an ideal choice for organizations requiring secure collaboration and data sharing across different security domains.
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CDR file protection at gigantic scale

Process large storage containers at lightning speed: terabyte containers processed in minutes
Seamless integration with CDS frameworks: enabling information sharing and collaboration across networks with varying levels of classification, sensitivity, or trust
Scalable and resilient design: Kubernetes-based orchestration scales to meet demand

Key features

  • Process large storage containers, and safely transfer files cross domain at lightning speed 
  • Ensure only safe, clean and fully-functioning files enter and leave networks
  • Adopt a recognized best-in-class provider of CDR technology and a designated CDR security filter by the NSA’s Raise the Bar Initiative for Cross Domain Solutions (CDS)
  • Receive detailed file reporting via Constellations REST API
  • Seamlessly integrate CDR within Azure, ensuring compatibility within both commercial and government cloud environments
  • Observe the Software Bill of Materials for all container images, along with security scanning artifacts such as SAST (Static Application Security Testing), SCA (Software Composition Analysis), and IaC (Infrastructure as Code) security scans upon request

Constellations APIs

Scan Management REST API

The Scan Management API enables security teams to start file scans and retrieve the status of active file scans within Glasswall Constellations - our zero-trust file import solution.
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Event Projection API

Security teams can utilize the Event Projection API to draw key data from Glasswall Constellations. This provides users with the ability to check the results of file scans that have either completed or that are in process.
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Best-in-class file-based protection from Glasswall

Glasswall is the market leader for Content Disarm and Reconstruction. Our CDR technology utilizes Kubernetes architecture to provide an infinitely scalable platform that helps organizations to comply with initiatives such as the NCSC’s Pattern for Safely Importing Data, the NSA’s Raise the Bar Initiative and the NIST Risk Management Framework by the US Department of Commerce.

How we do it better:

  • Complete file analysis – giving users transparency into file non-conformance with industry specifications
  • Complete file protection – threats removed and files returned to known-good specifications
  • Content management options to shape an organization’s security policy based on risk appetite
  • True file type detection going beyond just the file extension or magic number

Gigantic throughput at lightning speed

0.33 GBs per second

1.2 TBs per hour

1 PB per month

Three Kubernetes node pools are recommended to achieve this illustration of throughput as part of an auto-scaling setup.

A peak of 1,900 compute cores distributed across the node pools support this gigantic level of throughput.
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