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Delivering mission critical zero-trust file protection

Existing security solutions leave critical data at risk

Defense agencies across the globe deploy detection-based solutions, such as antivirus software and sandboxes, in order to protect critical data while it travels across trust boundaries or as it is stored on secure networks.

A reliance on detection means no matter how complex a security solution may be, it can still only protect against what it has observed or seen before – falling short when protecting mission critical data against zero-day threats. Glasswall has witnessed that detection-based solutions leave secure networks vulnerable without protection for an average of 18 days.

The Solution:

Zero-trust file protection

with Glasswall CDR

Zero-trust file protection by Glasswall is different. Instead of looking for malicious content, our patented CDR process treats all files as untrusted — validating, rebuilding and cleaning each file to a safe and compliant standard — automatically removing potential threats.

Security teams can embed our cloud-native CDR engine across their infrastructure, utilizing either an out of the box CDR platform, which comes ready to implement with its own UI and reporting dashboards. Alternatively for organizations that want to build Glasswall CDR into their existing systems, our embedded SDK enables teams to implement zero-trust file protection into their software applications and network deployments.

CDR is an important layer in any organization’s defense and content protection strategies… We expect CDR will ultimately be considered a best practice.”

Use cases

Secure CDS deployments

Defense and intelligence organizations need no longer accept the risks associated with traditional antivirus solutions when importing and exporting files to and from secure networks.

Glasswall integrates with new and existing CDS deployments to enable compliance with frameworks such as the NCSC’s pattern for safely importing data, and the NIST Risk Management framework by the NSA and NCDSMO.

Glasswall’s zero-trust philosophy removes security teams’ reliance on detection – replacing it with a zero-trust file protection solution that raises the bar on CDS protection.

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Maintain air-gapped networks

Glasswall CDR provides zero-trust file protection that maintains air-gapped network isolation. Detection based solutions require an open channel to ingest updates compromising the isolation of secure networks. Glasswall’s zero-trust philosophy doesn’t rely on updates to protect against both zero-day and known file-based threats – ensuring maximum isolation for secure networks.

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Mission critical compliance

Glasswall CDR boasts patented capabilities such as Word Search and Redact and Metadata removal that aid intelligence and defense communities across the globe in complying with the various data protection legislation and other industry guidelines. These include, but are not limited to:

Data Protection

  • GDPR
  • California Consumer Privacy Act

Industry Guidelines

  • NCSCs Pattern for Safely Importing Data
  • Raise the Bar
  • ISGs

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