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Glasswall Desktop is an easy-to-use application that keeps organizations secure from file-based threats with Glasswall’s leading CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) technology. Try Glasswall Desktop for free.

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Why Glasswall CDR?

Glasswall CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) is the simple way to protect against sophisticated file-based threats.

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Clean Room Demo

Give users the freedom to work with files risk-free across their devices. Simply drag and drop files from the outside world onto the Glasswall Clean Room and instantly remove potential threats.

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Case study

Removing Malicious Content From Terabytes Of Critical Data

A leading US insurance company ($3B+) was seeking a solution to secure their file portals against zero-day file-based threats. Their existing detection-based anti-virus deployments could only protect against what they had seen or observed before – limiting their capability to effectively protect portals against the dangers of complex and zero-day attacks.

Case study

Glasswall secures KYC file upload portal for European bank

An award-winning publicly listed European bank was looking to secure its new mobile banking app against file-based threats. In particular, it was implementing a Know Your Customer (KYC) file upload portal as part of its Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance processes…..

Use case

Secure File Uploads

Simple, fast and effective integration for file upload protection. Discover how out Embedded Engine and Glasswall CDR Platform can be established at various integration points within an organization to protect against malicious file uploads…

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Use case

Secure UK government networks and systems

The transfer of data across trust boundaries, from open to secure networks, is critical for government agencies. Information delivery must be secure, yet rapid. To achieve this, it is common for departments to deploy Cross Domain Solutions (CDS)…

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CDR Platform

The Glasswall cloud-native CDR Platform provides security teams with out-of-the-box file protection capabilities. Built on a Kubernetes architecture, it provides organizations with protection that can scale infinitely to meet demand…

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Embedded Engine

The Glasswall Engine lies at the heart of our CDR Platform which provides a means to orchestrate analysis and protection workloads. We provide development teams and partners with the ability to deploy the core Glasswall Engine as an embedded component.

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API-first CDR that secures files in less than a second. Glasswall’s REST API endpoints enable security teams to present file analysis and file rebuild requests to the Glasswall CDR Platform – securing files in under a second…

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Clean Room

Drag and drop file protection for everyone.

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Easy to install, drag and drop file protection that works offline, in remote and isolated environments.

Use case

File Uploads & Downloads

Glasswall CDR Platform sanitizes files to prevent both known and unknown threats from entering your IT infrastructure. Glasswall provides a public synchronous or asynchronous Cloud API to trial our CDR service through…

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Use case

Malware Risk Removal

Reactive detection-based security methods can’t keep up with today’s increasingly complex threats. Discover proactive protection with Glasswall CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) for Malware Risk Removal.

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Use case

Metadata Removal

Reduce the risk of sensitive information being leaked to a third party with Glasswall CDR.

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Why Glasswall CDR?

Learn about the simple way to protect against sophisticated file-based threats.

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