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Industry leading CDR solutions that provide flexible and scalable protection against file-based threats.

Embedded Engine

Integrate industry-leading CDR file protection across your organization with the Glasswall Embedded Engine. A software development kit (SDK) which includes an API, enables fast and effective integration with new and existing application deployments to remove file-based threats. Supporting both Linux and Windows operating systems, it can be provided in containerized form – making it highly portable and easily deployable.

CDR Platform

Implement out-of-the-box zero trust CDR file protection with the Glasswall CDR Platform. The solution is Kubernetes-based, which allows it to scale to meet the needs of your organization, whether that’s a small number of files, or huge volumes of documents which need protecting each day. The CDR Platform comes ready-to-go – enabling security teams to quickly and easily protect their organization against file-based threats. Deployment is rapid via Helm Charts, making the system easy to upgrade.


Deliver zero-trust file protection at blistering speed with Glasswall CDRs API-first architecture. REST API endpoints enable security teams to present file analysis and file rebuild requests to the Glasswall CDR Platform – securing files in under a second.


Supercharge your security capabilities with drag and drop protection from Desktop. With the ability to process files even when offline, Desktop is a CDR application that’s perfect for organizations operating in isolated or remote environments.

Clean Room

Harness the power of the Glasswall CDR Platform with simple, easy to use drag-and-drop file protection that works in a user’s web browser.

How does Glasswall CDR work?

Glasswall CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) employs our patented 4-step approach to protect organizations and individuals against file-based threats. Unlike other cyber security solutions, we don’t try to identify the malicious code – we simply remove the ability for it to exist in the document all together.

1. Inspect

Breaks down the file into its constituent components. Validates the file’s structure against its specification

2. Rebuild

Unknown and invalid file structures are repaired in-line with the file’s specification

3. Clean

Removes high-risk file structures that contain active content, based on configurable policy

4. Deliver

Semantic checks ensure the file’s integrity. The safe and fully functional file is now ready to use

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How does Glasswall CDR work?

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