Glasswall Embedded Engine

The Glasswall Engine lies at the heart of our CDR Platform which provides a means to orchestrate analysis and protection workloads. Development teams and partners can deploy the core Glasswall Engine as an embedded component. This ensures the capabilities of the Glasswall Embedded Engine can be harnessed via an SDK to facilitate programmatic integration into appliances or software processes.

Fast, secure and reliable CDR to provide ultimate malware protection

Key benefits

  • Business file analysis to understand non-conformance with its industry specifications
  • Business file protection – threats removed and file returned to industry specifications
  • Content Management options to shape a security policy for potentially risky items such as JavaScript, Macros, Acroforms, embedded files or external hyperlinks
  • Search for offending words or strings in a file
  • Redact or replace words or strings of interest
  • Content item export and import for PDF and Office Documents – to enable processing of content such as images and text by third solutions such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • True file type detection which goes beyond trusting the file extension or magic number
  • Eliminate the risk of files masquerading as benign data
  • Support for popular archive file types such as Zip, GZip, 7Zip, Rar, Tar & BZip2
  • Support for Security Tagging of documents by inserting metadata into hidden locations of a document
  • Tagged version of an original document that is virtually untraceable to the average user

Key features

  • Broad support for business documents (96.84%) – including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF and media image files
  • Native support for Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Containerized support of Embedded Engine to enable wider operating system support – including macOS
  • Versatile Command Line Interface (CLI) Tool to aid rapid scripting and integration
  • Application Programming Interface (API) which supports integration via a Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL) and a Linux Shared Object (SO)

Use cases

Embedded component within network appliances and data guards

Critical element of a Cross Domain Solution (CDS)

Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) audit and protection process

Zero Trust solution to assess files traversing trust boundaries

CDR and malware protection orchestration platform

How it works

Glasswall Embedded Engine

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Use Cases

Secure Email

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Malware Risk Removal

Metadata Removal

Cloud Native Integrations

Data Migrations

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