December 13, 2021

Cybersecurity blindspots - a Glasswall insight guide

On average, cyber attacks occur every four seconds, with the impact of malware and ransomware alone now measured in trillions, estimated at $6 trillion per year, as a result of lost revenue, recovery costs and ransom payments to recover systems and data.

Today’s cyber criminals are confident, technical experts. Their success in identifying new vulnerabilities is only made easier by widespread reactive security strategies and the blindspots this creates in millions of organizations.

Reactive cybersecurity is failing - it’s time for a better way. Glasswall takes a proactive approach to file based threats, and our Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology identifies and removes file-based threats from all files in moments. In doing so, we minimize the downtime and disruption often caused by traditional anti-virus or sandboxing solutions.

To read more about the dangers presented by cybersecurity blindspots and how Glasswall can help organizations close them, download our Insight Guide: ‘Cybersecurity Blindspots - The Need For Proactive Protection’, here.

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