David Tutin
March 15, 2023

Forbes Tech Council – The rise of zero-trust cybersecurity In a multi-cloud world

The adoption of multi-cloud strategies is growing at a rapid pace across the public and private sectors. This approach allows organizations to use multiple cloud computing services within a heterogeneous architecture, providing them with flexibility, scale, and the ability to leverage the strengths of different cloud providers while avoiding vendor lock-in.

However, as with any mainstream approach to technology infrastructure, multi-cloud adoption poses significant cybersecurity challenges. In response, the US Department of Defense (DoD) has emphasized the importance of the ‘zero-trust’ security model in its recent Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) contract with Google, Oracle, Amazon, and Microsoft.

The ‘zero-trust’ security model assumes that nothing interacting with IT infrastructure is trusted, whether inside or outside a network, and all access points are vulnerable to attack. The DoD plans to test the security capabilities of the four multi-cloud contractors with “red-team” attacks to evaluate the effectiveness of zero-trust security in a multi-cloud environment.

This approach to security has already become the go-to strategy for many organizations to ensure they can fully secure systems and data with maximum effectiveness. Success in the JWCC evaluation process could lead to broader adoption of zero-trust security and significant improvements in cybersecurity across various industries.

To check out the full version of this article, written by Glasswall CEO, Danny Lopez, visit Forbes here.

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