January 4, 2022

Glasswall 2022 predictions - 4 - skills gap

Looking ahead to what 2022 might bring across the cybersecurity space, we’ve covered ransomware, nation-state attacks and the world of hybrid work. This time, Glasswall CEO, Danny Lopez, shares his thoughts on the ongoing challenges presented by the industry-wide skills gap:

“If there is any topic the cybersecurity industry will continue to discuss in 2022, it’s the talent shortage. In the U.S, there are almost 500,000 jobs to be filled in this industry alone. What’s more troubling is that it’s not just organisations competing to secure talent anymore since ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) has entered the market. Cybercrime groups are heavily recruiting in tandem. In an attempt to respond to the skills shortage exacerbated by the ‘great resignation,’ commercial enterprises will find themselves also looking at the talent pool of former (and now reformed) hackers in an effort to improve their own cybersecurity systems and pad their teams.

The most easily achieved response to addressing the labour shortage today, beyond getting creative with hiring, is to ensure that organisations have the correct products to protect their systems and data and automate more menial tasks for their security analysts and leadership -- so they can spend their time focusing on stopping digital adversaries. Overall, companies must be proactive in both their recruitment and building out their cybersecurity infrastructure.”

Coming up next - what conversations need to happen at a boardroom level to improve cybersecurity in the year ahead?

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