January 5, 2022

Glasswall 2022 predictions - 5 - boardrooms

As we’ve discussed previously on the Glasswall blog, the cybersecurity mindset seen at a boardroom level plays a crucial role in how well organisations can protect their networks and data. In the latest of our 2022 predictions series, our CEO, Danny Lopez, looks ahead to what executive teams will face going forwards:

“With each new year, it’s important for executives and board members to view their cybersecurity measures with fresh eyes. Hackers will never rest when it comes to finding new angles to break into organisations’ critical systems. Once one problem is patched, they will just continue to poke and find new openings that will enable them to steal data or move laterally across the network. One way, this is expected to escalate over the next year is through the insurgence of bad actors and insider threats. According to IBM, 60% of organisations have more than 20 incidents of insider attacks a year and the cost related to these incidents was over $2.7 million. This means not only do companies need to be aware of exterior threats, but aware of internal vulnerabilities by implementing a zero trust approach.

With all these things to consider in a board environment, the conversations need to be constructive and centered around a proactive approach. Not only do leaders need to be aware of the massive risk that isn’t going away, but ensure that a zero trust approach is in place. No organisation, large or small, is exempt from the risk of cyberattacks. Remaining vigilant will empower companies as they move forward.”

Next time, we’ll look at the role geopolitical tensions will play in 2022.

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