David Tutin
April 23, 2024

Glasswall joins D3IP collaboration community to share cybersecurity expertise with UK defence sector

Glasswall has today joined the D3IP Community, an important UK initiative designed to foster collaboration and provide access to innovative technologies for the defence sector.

D3IP is enabling access to rapid innovation and new perspectives for strategic and operational users across the UK defence industry and other public sector organisations. It has been established to enable partners and subject matter experts to access innovation pipelines, facilitating collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships.

D3IP is located in the Defence BattleLab Co-Creation Space, which is part of the UK government's National Strategic Technology and Innovation Exchange (NSTIx) programme. Through its collaboration community, D3IP supports customers in tackling challenges and developing new solutions to defence problems. A virtual and physical community, D3IP is facilitating access for academia and both traditional and non-traditional suppliers to customers within defence and other public sector organisations.

By joining the D3IP Community, Glasswall aims to broaden the awareness and understanding of its Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) solutions within the UK defence sector and support organisations building compliance with security frameworks such as the UK’s NCSC pattern for safely importing data.

Commenting on the announcement, Max Bussell, Glasswall’s Director of UK Government and Defence, said: “Glasswall is building an industry-leading reputation for our work protecting public sector organisations and intelligence agencies against file-based cybersecurity threats. Collaborating with D3IP represents an excellent opportunity to deepen our relationships with the UK defence sector, and we look forward to sharing the benefits of CDR with these growing communities.”

A D3IP spokesperson added: “We’re excited to induct Glasswall into the D3IP community. Their expertise in protecting public sector organisations and intelligence agencies against file-based cybersecurity threats will be a valuable addition to our community of collaboration partners. We look forward to facilitating collaboration between them and the defence, law enforcement, and national security organisations that are working with D3IP to deliver rapid innovation.

“We are continuing to induct organisations of all shapes and sizes into our collaboration community as we look to expand our knowledge base and enable co-creation and innovation within defence, law enforcement, and national security.”

To find out more and get involved, visit the D3IP website: www.d3ip.io.

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