David Tutin
April 18, 2024

Glasswall partners with the University of Essex to boost protection for AI and ML systems against file-based threats

Glasswall has recently announced it is teaming up with the University of Essex as part of a brand-new knowledge transfer programme supported by funding from Innovate UK’s Accelerated Knowledge Transfer programme.

Working with Dr Zilong Liu from Essex’s School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, Glasswall will use adversarial Machine Learning (ML) techniques as part of its R&D strategy and product development roadmap. The partnership aims to enhance the security of Glasswall solutions against AI-driven attacks and improve the resilience of AI technologies against increasingly sophisticated threats.

This will lead to more secure and stable models as well as novel defenses against attacks on AI/ML systems – an approach which can influence the wider cybersecurity ecosystem and lead to longer-term links with the University.

“Glasswall is committed to building CDR technologies that offer industry-leading protection against file-based threats,” commented Dr Colin Ife, Data Intelligence Team Lead at Glasswall. “By working in partnership with Dr Liu and the team at the University of Essex, we are actively using AI to improve our protection capabilities and also ensure AI systems don’t become easy targets. Ultimately, our objective is to stay ahead of threat actors that are attempting to use these advanced technologies to beat existing solutions.”

For more information about collaborative partnerships with academic expertise from the University of Essex, visit www.essex.ac.uk/business/expertise.

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