David Tutin
January 12, 2024

Glasswall's commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant

At Glasswall, we recognize and deeply appreciate the sacrifices made by members of the UK Armed Forces community. These brave individuals – including veterans, reserve forces and military families – have dedicated their lives to protecting our country and communities.

To demonstrate our firm commitment and ongoing support to the Armed Forces, Glasswall recently signed the Armed Forces Covenant. This national initiative aims to ensure fair treatment for military personnel, veterans, and their families in society and the wider community.

By endorsing the Covenant, Glasswall is introducing a range of initiatives aimed at supporting the Armed Forces community in the UK. These measures are designed to reflect our commitment to the principles of the Covenant, which include ensuring a supportive environment for colleagues connected with the military in our team and beyond.

Our approach involves broad collaborations and flexible policies that recognize and address the unique needs and challenges faced by Armed Forces personnel. This commitment extends to various aspects of our organization's operations and interactions with both internal and external communities.

Additionally, Glasswall is dedicated to actively participating in and acknowledging significant military events, underlining our support and raising awareness of our commitment to the Covenant.

To learn more about the Armed Forces Covenant, click here.

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