October 1, 2021

Looking Ahead To Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021

Today, the 1st of October, marks the start of Cybersecurity Awareness Month and here at Glasswall we are looking forward to helping spread the word about how organizations can proactively protect against sophisticated file-based threats.

Each week during October, there is a new awareness theme where we’ll be focusing on:

Week 1 - Be Cyber Smart: We’ll be sharing our take on cyber hygiene, which should be playing an important role in every cybersecurity strategy. Cyber hygiene is about much more than good housekeeping, however, because the consequences of a poor approach can be far reaching and have played a central role in the most widespread and damaging breaches in history.

Week 2 - Fight the Phish: In week 2, we’ll focus on our experience with the intelligence community and what lessons commercial organizations can learn, including an introduction to CDR and its role in cybersecurity.

Week 3 - Explore. Experience. Share - (Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week): Next, we’ll be talking to Glasswall CEO, Danny Lopez, about his experience working in diplomacy and how it offers some valuable insight for leaders looking to optimize their approach to cybersecurity.

Week 4 - Cybersecurity First: And finally, we’ll round off the month with a close look at the role of end user training. While investing in training sounds like it can solve all your cybersecurity problems, it’s not realistic to expect every person to identify every malicious email, especially in the modern day when cybercriminals are increasingly sophisticated.

To join us in supporting Cybersecurity Awareness Month, visit the event website.

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