June 17, 2022

RSA 2022 – Big ideas from cybersecurity’s biggest event

The recent RSA Conference returned to San Francisco and it was great for the Glasswall team to meet people from across the industry ecosystem in person.

For many years, it’s been the place to learn about cybersecurity’s latest insights, trends and intelligence. Its core aim remains to help cybersecurity professionals continually strengthen their organizations and focus on the range of challenges they face on a daily basis. Once again, there were some important ideas and themes to emerge from this year’s event.

The keynote panel set the tone for the event as a whole and included the likes of Jen Easterly, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), John “Chris” Inglis, the first National Cyber Director and cybersecurity advisor to the US President and Robert Joyce, Director of the NSA’s Cybersecurity Directorate.

For example, the panel discussed the urgent need to close the door on ‘Known Exploited Vulnerabilities’ (KEV) – an important issue and one that CISA has continually highlighted via its KEV Catalog. This is a list of vulnerabilities that CISA has identified as being exploited, or that have been used by threat actors in the wild, and it resonates strongly with Glasswall’s approach to the proactive protection delivered via our CDR solutions.

Understandably, ransomware continued to be among the most talked-about issues at RSA. In assessing the current situation, the panel likened it to a storm (the threat landscape) and lightning strikes (the ransomware attacks). In both scenarios, it’s impossible to know in advance where the impact will arrive, but there is potential for serious damage and potential victims need to be well prepared.

Put these and the range of other issues together, and the collective cybercrime bill is set to exceed $10.5 trillion by 2025. This underlines the need for a collective response to the risks across public and private sectors. And, as Chris Inglis pointed out in the panel discussion, organizations are facing a crime syndicate and ultimately a networked approach will be required to defeat it.

RSA continues to be a key event in the cybersecurity calendar, and Glasswall’s message around the risks posed by file-based threats will come back into the limelight in London at InfoSec Europe 2022. Visit us on stand A53 to talk everything CDR and to test your skills in the Glasswall CDR Escape Room.

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