November 1, 2021

The ‘Known Good’ Podcast - Launch Edition

The complexity of today’s highly connected technologies and the growing sophistication of threats means that for many, just keeping up to date with basic ‘cyber hygiene’ essentials can be a challenge, leaving organisations vulnerable to attack.

The consequences of poor cyber hygiene can be far reaching and have played a central role in some of the most widespread and damaging breaches in history, including the infamous SolarWinds attack.

That’s why we’ve chosen it as the subject of our very first Podcast - a new series of podcasts which aim to share ideas, news, industry insights and thought provoking angles on all things cyber-critical.  Joining us for this launch edition is Glasswall Chief Product Officer, Paul Farrington. He speaks to host David Tutin about the fundamentals of cyber hygiene, why it's vital that organisations raise their game and what steps they can take to refresh their approach. Paul will also be back in the weeks ahead to talk about other cyber-related topics - stay tuned for further updates.

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