Glasswall 2022 Predictions – 3 – Hybrid work

by | Dec 22, 2021 | Thought leadership

In the third of our 2022 cybersecurity predictions, Glasswall CFO, Steve Roberts, explains how the ongoing shift to a hybrid and remote working model will require organisations to focus more heavily on security in the year ahead:

“Many organisations are currently still figuring out what a hybrid working model means for them. Permanent office space and long term leases are likely to be a thing of the past and this will inevitably lead to a shift in budget allocation. My advice for businesses in 2022 is to ensure any budget that is no longer attributed to office leases is reallocated to effective collaboration tools, increasing security and employee wellbeing. Unused budget is not a net saving, so it should be applied elsewhere to ensure that the new hybrid working model is secure and healthy. 

“Companies implementing a hybrid working model should ensure both their office infrastructure and remote working environments are secure. Remote working can result in security vulnerabilities, particularly if employees are using their own devices to connect to corporate systems. Budget should be reallocated to invest in security solutions that will close these gaps and keep systems and data secure. 

“With the uncertainties around long-term working models, most organisations don’t want to be tied into long-term contracts. Technology providers will need to rethink and evolve how they are selling their products. Offering short-term contracts for SaaS solutions that can be deployed solely in the cloud or as a hybrid solution will enable businesses to better support their customers. Organisations aren’t going to transition to the cloud overnight, so technology solutions need to be able to protect them in every environment.” 

Coming next, how will the cybersecurity skills gap impact organisations in 2022?



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