Industry-leading CDR technology
with native hardsec support

Our CDR technology brings zero-trust file protection into the hardsec deployment mix. Our advanced filter logically verifies data structures, removes active content and ensures constructs align with a file’s manufacturer's specification. This process eliminates the risk of malicious files reaching vulnerable software applications.

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Rebuilding files

Clean files to remove threats before transfer

Our advanced zero-trust Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) solution rebuilds files and documents into a safe, clean and visually identical ‘known good’ standard that are free from the risks of malware.

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Illustration about huge data sets

Transform complex file types to simple ones

Enable hardware and software verification of complex data types by unraveling a file’s complex internal structure into a simplified SISL or XML file.

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Native support for hardsec deployments

Glasswall Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) is an industry-leading file protection technology that natively supports hardware security deployments. In the example below, Glasswall CDR is embedded within an existing Cross Domain Solution to provide file verification, transformation and rebuild capabilities.

Native hardsec support powered by:

The Embedded Engine

Your organization can embed the power of Glasswall CDR in hardware deployments via a software development kit (SDK) that includes our APIs.

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“Our all-encompassing approach to cross-domain file transfer, supported by Glasswall, meets rigorous information assurance standards.”

4Secure integrates Glasswall's CDR technology within their Trusted Filter™ File Transfer software and unidirectional flow control hardware. This pioneering Cross Domain Solution is built with a data-centric approach to defense and is optimized for securely importing files into the most secure environments.

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Introducing the Glasswall Partner Network

Via our extensive partner network, we provide industry-leading zero-trust file protection to the world’s best cybersecurity solutions.

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