Riyya Ahmed
January 10, 2024

Secure your web content traffic and downloads with the Glasswall and Menlo Security integration

In an era where digital threats loom at every click, the Glasswall and Menlo Security integration provides a robust shield for your online activities. It allows clients to harness the power of our Glasswall API for web content traffic and downloads through the Menlo Security Platform, ensuring a secure online experience without compromising usability or speed.

Defending against malicious activities

Glasswall's technology, seamlessly integrated into the Menlo Security Platform, empowers users to thwart various threats:

  • File uploads or downloads: Prevent malicious activities during file transfers.
  • Targeted spear-phishing or generic phishing attacks: Safeguard against phishing attempts.
  • Zero-trust architecture: Embrace a zero-trust approach to security, treating all content as potentially malicious.
  • Compromised websites: Stay protected even when navigating compromised websites.
  • Privacy protection: Guard your privacy while browsing the internet.

How it works: unveiling the zero-trust solution

The Glasswall – Menlo Security integration operates on a zero-trust architecture, routing all online activities through a remote cloud-based browser. This approach treats all content as potentially malicious, ensuring comprehensive threat removal in sub-seconds when Glasswall Halo is enabled as part of the Menlo Security Platform.

How Glasswall Menlo Security plugin works

Key features: Glasswall-Menlo Security integration

Seamless API Integration: Glasswall API seamlessly integrates with Menlo Security Platform, allowing clients to effortlessly manage web content traffic and downloads.

Endpoint Functionality: Glasswall exposes various endpoints that enable Menlo deployments to integrate with the Glasswall Embedded Engine. These endpoints, powered by the Asynchronous API, efficiently rebuild files intercepted by Menlo during user downloads.

Threat-Free Internet Browsing: The Glasswall – Menlo Security integration guarantees users a secure online experience, free from threats, without compromising speed or usability.

Glasswall and Menlo Security offer a powerful synergy that goes beyond conventional cybersecurity measures. By seamlessly integrating advanced technologies and providing a comprehensive set of endpoints, we ensure that your digital journey is not only secure but also uninterrupted. Embrace the future of cybersecurity with Glasswall and Menlo Security, where threats are neutralized, and online experiences are safeguarded.

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