Cybersecurity in the Boardroom

Cybersecurity in the Boardroom

 In the latest edition of Glasswall’s ‘Known Good’ podcast, we welcome John Noble CBE. John is an advisor to Glasswall and non-executive director at NHS Digital, where he is responsible for overseeing cybersecurity and information assurance In this discussion, John...
Achieving Industrial Scale to Secure File-Based Threats

Achieving Industrial Scale to Secure File-Based Threats

Organisations today are faced with a multitude of vulnerabilities and must employ a variety of technologies and processes to protect themselves against constantly evolving threats. Securing systems against the risk posed by file-based attachments forms part of a...
The ‘Known Good’ Podcast – Launch Edition

The ‘Known Good’ Podcast – Launch Edition

The complexity of today’s highly connected technologies and the growing sophistication of threats means that for many, just keeping up to date with basic ‘cyber hygiene’ essentials can be a challenge, leaving organisations vulnerable to attack. The consequences of...

What are file-based threats?

What is zero-trust file protection?

How does Glasswall CDR work?

Why Glasswall CDR?

Learn about the simple way to protect against sophisticated file-based threats.

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