Evolution of Glasswall: Past, Present, & Future

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Company news

At Glasswall, we have a shared passion for helping to protect businesses against the most advanced file-based threats. It’s what’s driven us over the years, from when we began developing our cybersecurity technology in 2010 to a decade later having launched our suite of leading-edge cloud security products.

Our company has grown from a simple file sanitization filter within the US Intelligence Community to a global leader in CDR technology, trusted by commercial and government organizations around the world. We’re also rated as number one by the National Security Agency. 

According to analysts, global ransomware damage costs are predicted to exceed $265 billion by 2031 and the US Treasury said that it has tied $5.2 billion in Bitcoin transactions to ransomware payments. With these trends in mind, it is not surprising that individuals and organizations are looking beyond the traditional antivirus and sandboxing technologies. With malware and bad actors transforming faster than ever before, more companies are adopting CDR because it allows them to stay one step ahead. The obvious choice is for email; the most stubbornly favored attack vector of choice for bad actors. The Glasswall Email Security product keeps businesses moving by inspecting, cleaning, and rebuilding all incoming file attachments in real time so employees receive safe emails without a delay. Email continues to be the easiest and most popular channel for attackers seeking to breach an organization and antivirus software is always a step behind, hence the need for real time protection provided by CDR. 

Along with Email Security, Glasswall has recently developed our cloud-native CDR Platform product, which scales CDR technology to industrial level by going from 5-10 files to hundreds and thousands of them using Kubernetes clusters which can be spun up to suit your needs. Once deployed, organizations can trust every file, no matter how it moves through their infrastructure. 

Glasswall not only provides the security products to protect your infrastructure, but also provides observability by bringing oversight to risks specific to your company. With our advanced threat intelligence reporting, in the future you will be able to see where the attacks are happening, and at which end points and correlate it to the specific type of risk. We’ll be able to observe spikes in certain types of activities, and help inform your business to implement better counter measures to reduce the risks.

The threat landscape may be constantly evolving, but more and more organizations are able to keep one step ahead using the benefits of CDR. Cyberattacks don’t come with a warning; but adopting the right strategy to cybersecurity can give organizations the best leverage in defending themselves against attacks.



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